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What we do?

Packging Design

We always try to do different projects, creating labels and packaging for many kinds of products.

Digital Marketing

We do actions to the biggest internet searchers as google, bing, and yahoo. We create websites, videos, and posts on social media.


Create brands is our passion. If your product or service needs to improve the client's perception, we know how to do that.


Since 2010 we do communication actions, publicity, propaganda, marketing, and design. When these tools work together your product or service will get a highlight in a very extremely competitive market. Our company is always worried about our client’s needs because we know that is the first thing to do a great job. Our boldness is on the versatility that we think and Design. It can be by a traditional way, through the conventional tools, or it can be by a modern way, with new methods, and it can be by both. After all, creativity is to know how to use every idea, gift, and resource to find the best solutions to reach the best results.

estrategia edem comunicação

Antes de mais nada, o briefing tem que ser claro e preciso, pois é o documento que irá nortear a comunicação, seja ela online ou offline . Assim, o anunciante se vê com um conjunto de estratégias de diferentes opções criativas para a mesma estratégia de comunicação.





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